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A Day in Bishop Arts

April 30 2013

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone (I hope), but Dallas is… well… big.

In fact, the place is so big that most people have a relatively hard time planning a day in the city that doesn’t require 5 taxis, 2 buses, and a horse/carriage combo. This process can be a little irritating since most people would like to spend the majority of their time actually participating in their activities of choice, and not traveling to the destinations.

The best way to avoid this problem might be simpler than you think. Each of Dallas’ diverse city areas are filled with excellent selections for all kinds of entertainment including shopping, dining, museums, galleries, theaters and more. The best way to maximize your time is to plan a day in just one of these city areas! And we would love to help you do that.

I’d like to start with one of my favorite areas of Dallas: The Bishop Arts District

If you haven’t had much experience with this area then have no fear. We will tell you everything you need to know to ensure a fun filled day.

Bishop Arts is located in Oak Cliff, expanding outward around the intersection of Davis and Neeley.

First, parking maybe tricky so come early. This is true for many smaller, quickly growing areas in Dallas, and it is well worth the trouble.

So let’s talk food. Here’s the deal: In Bishop Arts, if I tell you exactly what plates to order, I am doing you a disservice. The restaurants each have a unique style and experience all their own. So I will make a couple recommendations for every meal.

Cafe Brasil has free coffee, free wifi, and award winning traditional breakfast platters. If you want a break for the norm, then try Oddfellows for their farm fresh ingredients, and incredibly unique and delicious dishes. I mean come on, they have 3 types of pancakes.



If you arrive the the area around lunch time then try Gloria’s if you want amazing Tex-Mex or Bolsa for the best, and freshest ingredients in an wide array of dishes.

Now that you’re nice and full let’s get ready to shop. It’s simple really, because there is little something for everyone and it is all in walking distance. Bishop Arts has an incredible amount of art galleries, boutiques, floral shops, vintage clothing, resales, toy stores, and even an eco-friendly pet store.  Some people don’t consider themselves shoppers, but I’m afraid you just can’t help it here. There literally is something for everyone!

After a full day of shopping you probably want more food, and who could blame you? Now here is where I get serious. (Can you tell I love the food in this area?)

Zen Sushi has been named the best sushi in all of Dallas for several years. It even has vegetarian and vegan options. I cannot stress enough about how amazing this place is. Also, Oddfellows has been awarded the best Mac and Cheese in Dallas. Silly? Maybe. But it is no joke. Eno’s Pizza Tavern is the perfect place for a slice and a drink. They have fantastic thin crust pizza and a large selection of local and import drafts.

For dessert there is only one option in my mind. It creates an experience unlike many others.


Tillman’s Roadhouse

Go to Tillman’s Roadhouse and order the Table-Side S’Mores. It will change your life.

Now if you’re not completely obsessed with food or just haven’t had enough, then there are some excellent options for after-dinner fun.

The nationally renowned Kessler Theater hosts regularly scheduled concerts and art and photography exhibits.

The historic Texas Theater has become an excellent location to see classic films as well as independent movies, short films, and much more.

There are also numerous workshops available around town for numerous hobbies. And several times throughout the year the Bishop Arts District has wine walks and “brew riots.”

For more information on all the locations mentioned visit the website for the Bishop Arts District. http://bishopartsdistrict.weebly.com/

So there you have it, for a day full of trying new things, exploring the arts, and indulgent shopping, the Bishop Arts is a growing but still relatively well kept secret in Dallas.

Do yourself a favor and plan a trip soon!