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What Do Luxury Home Buyers Really Want?

September 30 2013 6815 Norway Rd, Dallas, TXTrends and consumer desires are always evolving in our business and nowhere is that more prevalent than with the Luxury Home Buyers.  Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate recently commissioned a survey that unearthed what values these buyers place in homeownership and where their desires will steer them in their … read more

What Makes a Home Architecturally Significant?

April 30 2010 Architecturally significant homes are treasures that draw admiration generation after generation. They are usually one of two types of homes. The first is the work of ground-breaking architects, if you’ll pardon the pun, who push the limits of new design concepts to create a signature style that stands the test … read more

Springtime Home Buyers Have Incentives to Hurry

April 30 2010 With more than 10.4 million people planning to buy a home in 2009, according to Scarborough Research’s 2009 Multi-market Study, a little less than half followed through with their plans. Some failed to sell their current homes or meet stricter loan qualification standards, some lost their jobs, and some simply … read more

First-time Home Buyers Dominate the Market

April 30 2010 In some areas of the country, housing is selling like hotcakes, driven higher by the first-time home buyer segment of the market. Typically, first-time home buyers average about  40% of all home buyers, but in 2009, they composed an unprecedented 47%, according to the just-released National Association of REALTORS® 2009 … read more

Attract Serious Buyers and Discourage Lookie Lous

March 31 2010 It goes without saying that you and your real estate professional want to attract serious home buyers, but your marketing may attract buyers who can’t qualify to buy your home and Lookie Lous. Serious buyers want to find a home. They have criteria, a price, and a moving date. They’re … read more

How to Negotiate with Buyers

March 31 2010 Sellers today have to do more to attract buyers and offers than ever before.  When offers come in, sometimes they are low or have conditions that have to be negotiated.  As a seller, you can be proactive before the offers come in to make sure negotiations are kept to a … read more

The Dealkillers – Dark, Cluttered and Dank

March 31 2010 The Dealkillers - Dark, Cluttered and Dank As a seller, you may be so used to living in your home that you may not realize that its condition is putting buyers off. For example, you may love dogs so much that you’re immune to how much their fur dander, food dishes, and bed cushions are perfuming your … read more