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Feng Shui – Driving the purchase decision

September 30 2015 Feng Shui Kitchen We’ve conducted another survey about the real estate consumer, this time in partnership with AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America).  Our goal was to learn more about the Chinese-American consumer and the effect that feng shui plays in their buying and selling decision.  As usual, we came away with … read more

Where should I buy my first home?

September 30 2014 Over the next 30 years, the population in DFW will grow from 6.7 million to 16.7 million.  It’s very clear why, when just about every “best-place-to-live” style list starts off with multiple cities in the DFW area. With multiple major corporations moving to The Metroplex, the latest one being Toyota … read more

What Do Luxury Home Buyers Really Want?

September 30 2013 6815 Norway Rd, Dallas, TXTrends and consumer desires are always evolving in our business and nowhere is that more prevalent than with the Luxury Home Buyers.  Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate recently commissioned a survey that unearthed what values these buyers place in homeownership and where their desires will steer them in their … read more

I need to buy a home. Where do I start?

August 31 2013 2220-emerson-ln-carrollton-tx-High-Res-1You can find lists upon lists of data, tips, tricks, and information about what you must do before buying a home.  Sometimes these tips are in lists of up to 99 items that you “MUST” do.  All of that is way to overwhelming if your anything like me.  There are … read more

The best $9.99 a Realtor Ever Spent

July 31 2013 As an agent your constantly bombarded by vendors wanting to sell you this widget or that service that will take your productivity to the next level, blah, blah, blah…  Well I’m not here to tell you about the next business growing tool that you ABSOLUTELY MUST INVEST IN!  Instead I’m … read more