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Creating a Focal Point

December 31 2009 Like a fine painting, every room has a focal point. It’s the element that draws your eye first, and invites you for a closer look. The focal point defines the room’s ambiance and underscores the room’s purpose. It makes you want to enter, and enjoy the room to sit and … read more

Choosing a Quality Carpet

October 31 2009 Choosing quality carpet for an existing or new home is challenging due to the wide variety of carpeting choices available today. You want the most value for your money, so how do you choose which carpet will wear the best for your home and lifestyle?  High or low traffic? The … read more

Quick Bathroom Beautification Projects

September 30 2009 When you’re trying to sell a home, beautiful bathrooms can go a long way toward winning over buyers. In some cases – especially in older homes with bathrooms that have undergone little or no updating – a complete bathroom remodel is the way to go. If you have the money … read more

Investing in Fine Rugs

September 30 2009 Accenting hard surface flooring with area rugs has become the latest trend in home decorating, says Flooring Trends, http://www.flooring-trends.com.  Custom, contemporary, and oriental rugs are used to accent a room that already has another flooring surface such as wood or tile. These fine rugs are worth the investment because they … read more

Decorating Advice From First-Time Home Buyers

November 30 2008 Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens®  By combining yard sale finds, family artwork, and a few pieces dragged home from the dump, a young New Hampshire designer creates the perfect newlywed home.  Junk Chic Sarah Andersen, a jewelry and floral designer, and her husband, Peter, have taken their tiny 500-square-foot … read more

Redecorate This Home and Sell It

June 30 2008 People see their home as a direct reflection of themselves. But if your tastes are extreme, it can increase your listing time. When it’s time move or simply redecorate, beige is beautiful. By ensuring your home is as inviting (and neutral) as possible, you stand to substantially increase your home’s … read more

De-clutter! It Helps Sell Your Home Faster

June 30 2008 Take a good look at your home as if you were about to buy it tomorrow. While throwing out clothes and collectables from yesteryears can be heart-wrenching, making sure your property is junk-free prior to listing is the most important step toward selling your house. Woman holding towels The following should help you answer … read more