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Get Rid of Cooking Smells

December 31 2010 Does your house have housitosis? Your home may have “bad breath” from all your delicious cooking. If cooking smells linger long after the meal is served, it’s time to take action. The best remedy is to prevent the odors in the first place.  This is easily done through proper ventilation … read more

Installing a New Toilet

November 30 2010 If you’re tired of jiggling the handle and you wait eons for the tank to refill, or you want to reduce your water bill, it’s time to buy a new toilet. When is buying new better than repairing? Simply look online at available models and then check prices against buying … read more

Choose the Right Look for Your Cabinets

July 31 2010 Selecting cabinet styles for your home is trickier than you may think.  Style options don’t appear to be that numerous, but you can really enhance the ambiance of your kitchen or bath and make other subsequent design choices easier by choosing the right style cabinet doors for your home.  Door … read more

The Classic Claw Foot Tub

July 31 2010 Bathroom trends come and go, but one trend is here to stay – the elegant, classic clawfoot tub, with a hand-held shower. From antique tubs to opulent reproductions, these tubs are freestanding fixtures, whether or not they have claw feet. Once found only in cast iron with porcelain finishes weighing … read more

Which is Best, Freezer on the Side, Top or Bottom?

May 31 2010 Refrigerator trends have changed over the years from the “ice box” of the 1930s, to the freezer top of the 1960s, to the side-by-side style of the 1980s.  Now we are seeing French doors with the freezer at the bottom.  In choosing a new refrigerator, consider where the freezer is … read more

Jetted or Soaking Tubs?

May 31 2010 As bathrooms evolve as spa-like retreats, jetted tubs and soaking tubs have become standard issue. If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, which kind of tub should you choose? The difference in jetted and soaking tubs lies in the level of massage therapy you require and in the amenities of the … read more

Make Your Bathroom Safer

May 31 2010 Accidents in the bathroom can occur to anyone, but many are preventable if you’re careful about cleaners, hard surfaces, and water hazards.   Harmful poisons or chemicals Drain cleaners, bathtub cleaners, tile and glass cleaners all contain potentially harmful ingredients.  Typically, these chemicals are kept under the sink or in a … read more