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Plant Now for Winter Garden Vegetables

November 30 2010 WinterVegs400 With the right combination of timing, vegetables and care, you can cultivate your own winter garden that will produce in the colder months. To enjoy fresh grown veggies this winter, you should begin planting now. According to experts, the term winter garden is a misnomer. The reason why it’s called … read more

The Tide of Households to Come

September 30 2010 If you own affordable property that can be purchased by entry-level buyers, you are in an ideal position to profit from the real estate tide to come.  New data from The Joint Center for Housing Studies shows that household formation has slowed dramatically from 1.2 to 1.4 million annually between … read more

Five Ways to Prevent Weeds

September 30 2010 Don’t let weeds take over your garden again this year. With five easy steps, you’ll be able to kill invasive weeds and prevent them from taking over your garden. 1. Defend your garden against weeds by laying down a weed cloth or a plastic weed barrier, suggests www.associatedcontent.com’s expert Kathryn Nichols. … read more

For Spectacular Color, Try the Crapemyrtle

September 30 2010 Among the hardiest of flowering shrubs and trees, the crapemyrtle is a staple of sunny gardens, but don’t discount it because it’s common.  There are many reasons why crapemyrtles are popular. Crapemyrtles come in all sizes and shapes, from dwarf varieties small enough for hanging baskets 10” to 12”, to … read more

Make Your Own Garden Compost

September 30 2010 At an average cost of $7 per 10 gallons, compost can be expensive to buy, but you can easily make your own for free. Whether you choose to contain the compost in a bin or let it pile up in a corner in your yard is up to you, but … read more

Aerate Your Lawn

July 31 2010 To keep your lawn looking great, consider aerating. A lawn that is heavily used for touch football or fetch can become compacted, which negatively impacts your soil. Aerating is a simple process that gives the soil in your lawn some much needed breathing room. Cleanairgardening.com says it best, “Compacted soil … read more

The Basics of Tree Trimming

July 31 2010 There is nothing like a home that features beautiful trees in the yard. But trees can harm a home if they’re not properly cared for. Whether you’re a do-it-your-selfer or a homeowner who hires contractors, knowing how to keep your trees properly pruned is essential to maintaining your property.  Tree … read more