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Cutting Edgers

May 31 2010 To really set your lawn apart you will want to give the borders around your yard a crisp edge with a tool meant for the job. An edger helps keep your grass from spilling onto the curb, sidewalk or driveway, as well as into flower beds. Edging allows for a … read more

Hole-y Mole-y!: Three Ways To Get Rid of Moles In Your Yard

May 31 2010 For many homeowners, moles can be a real pest- they are notorious for tearing up yards, killing grass and destroying flowerbeds. And along with their penchant for digging, moles can also be hazardous to your pets and children as they have been known to carry diseases like rabies. It’s no … read more

Learning Tips for the Novice Gardener

April 30 2010 Looking for a way to infuse some color and life into your new home?  As a novice homeowner, you may find doing your own gardening is a great alternative to hiring expensive landscapers. Gardening can yield a lot of fruit – real fruit and vegetables, that is. But what if … read more

Tame Your Turf with Good Mowing Habits

April 30 2010 One of the best ways for homeowners to make a good impression is to have a well-groomed lawn. A beautiful lawn makes your home look healthy and inviting, and definitely contributes to curb appeal.  For many new homeowners, however, maintaining an attractive lawn may appear harder than it looks. By … read more

Three Lawn Chemicals Homeowners Should Know About

April 30 2010 Are you the kind of homeowner who takes pride in your lawn? Then you already know how tenacious some insects, critters and weeds can be. So just go to the lawn and garden section of your local hardware store and buy some chemical relief, right? Hold on a minute – … read more

Ground Cover for Lazy Gardeners

April 30 2010 Grass is high maintenance. It has to be groomed, fertilized, weeded, debugged, watered generously, and then cut all over again.  And it doesn’t always grow in evenly. It can get too much sun or shade that can leave bald spots in your lawn. Why not look at other ground covers? … read more

Keep Cut Flowers Fresh-looking Longer

April 30 2010 Spring is here and flowers are blooming. Whether you are cutting flowers from your own garden or buying them freshly cut from a flower shop, you want your cut flowers to last as long as possible. Cut flowers last longest in environments that most closely approximate their living conditions before … read more