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When Mother Nature Can’t Help, Eco-Friendly Appliances Can

June 30 2008 If there’s a rule of thumb you can apply to maximizing comfort while minimizing your heating or cooling bills, it’s that being eco-friendly is a long-term investment that will pay off for both you and the value of your home. washer machine Furnaces:  Operating costs should figure prominently in your decision to … read more

Green Mortgages: Saving Money and the Environment

June 30 2008 According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average homeowner spends close to $1,300 a year on utility bills in the United States. By making energy-efficient home improvements, you can cut this cost in half (depending on the nature of the improvements and the climate of your hometown). You can also … read more

Getting Your Home Green Certified

June 30 2008 Buying a new “green” home has never been easier. In fact, there are several organizations to choose from that provide information and certification services for homebuilders interested in utilizing environmentally sound, energy efficient products and practices.Green Certification “Building green” simply means putting together a home with minimal environmental impact and energy-saving … read more

Going Green – and Keeping the Green in Your Wallet

June 30 2008 Making your backyard landscaping environmentally sensitive needn’t cost you more money. In fact, if done appropriately, having a “greener landscape” around your home can actually save you money in the long run and add value to your home that will be factored in when selling your property. green wallet Here are four … read more

Energy-Conscious Home Appliances: What to Look for at Any Price

June 30 2008 Every appliance has two prices: the sticker price, and the one you pay to run the appliance year-round. Considering that a minor expense today could translate into huge savings tomorrow, you’ll want to know your options before buying your next major home appliance.Energy Conscious Home Appliances So what appliances are energy-efficient? ENERGY STAR … read more

Easy and Affordable Green Home Makeovers

June 30 2008 Want to save the environment, but can’t afford costly solar panels? Are you eager to cut down on energy costs, but leery about putting a wind turbine in your backyard? Don’t worry. There are plenty of easy and affordable ways to “go green with a home makeover and stay within your … read more

Some Common Myths about Energy Saving

June 30 2008 Myth #1 – All fluorescent lighting is bad Today’s compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use up to 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent lighting and, on average, have a life span of up to five years (source: ENERGY STAR). Next time you’re replacing lighting around the home, remember that … read more