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Lead-dust Safety

November 30 2010 Many homes built before 1978, still contain potentially dangerous levels of lead in the form of lead-based paint, lead solders in old plumbing or lead dust in the soil, but the problem may not be as hard to fix as you may have heard. And in some cases, it’s best … read more

Garbage Disposal Preventive Maintenance

September 30 2010 Among the handiest of kitchen tools, a garbage disposal can last for years with good maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible.  Garbage disposals are supposed to chew up and liquefy nearly anything organic you put down the mouth, which makes them tempting to use instead of a trashcan for … read more

Should You Settle for Uneven Floors?

September 30 2010 You’ve fallen in love with an older home, but you’ve noticed a problem.  The floors are not level.  While you expect some character in an older home, you should be concerned when you see uneven or sloping floors.  Sloping floors If you can roll a marble down one side of … read more

How to Spot Termite Damage

July 31 2010 Termites love to eat wood.  Houses are made with wood elements.  Ergo, termites want to eat at your house.  But since termites usually live and dine unseen, how can you tell if you have a few hundred unwelcome dinner guests? The signs of a termite infestation are unmistakable.  You can … read more

Should You Rewire Your Older Home?

July 31 2010 Expensive as it is, if you live in an old house chances are it might be time to rewire. Homes built as recently as the 1980s might not meet today’s safety standards as consumers now rely on so many things that require electricity.  With bigger flat screen televisions, high-speed Internet … read more

The Importance of Gutters

May 31 2010 Having a gutter system installed around your home is essential for good maintenance. The purpose of a gutter system is to help control the flow of rainwater from your roof to the ground to prevent rain damage to your exterior, ground erosion, and to protect your landscaping from being washed … read more

How Do Buyers Shop For Homes?

May 31 2010 If you’re wondering what you real estate agent is going to do to market your home, you should know that the effectiveness of advertising has changed. Home buyers relied less on newspapers and open houses, and turned more to online resources to get home buying information as well as to … read more