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The Importance of Thread Count in Bed Linens

November 30 2010 You spend one-third of your life between the sheets. What can make your sleeping experience more enjoyable? Buying better quality sheets is one answer. You can go for a higher thread count, but there is more you need to know.  Thread count in bed linens is only about the number … read more

Create a Homework Haven for Your Child

November 30 2010 Hard work and dedication are keys to success, but so is having the right space to do homework. Children can truly benefit from working in a quiet haven away from distractions where they can be comfortable and productive.  You can help your child create a homework haven. All you need … read more

Revitalize Your Home Office

October 31 2010 Feeling overwhelmed as you try to get office work done at home? In as little as a few hours, your cluttered home office space can become an efficient machine, capable of maximizing your productivity, and ensuring better time management. Prioritize It’s all within easy reach. In fact, reach is one … read more

Best Ways to Mix Patterns In Your Décor

October 31 2010 You’ve seen attractive rooms in home decorating magazines and wonder how the designers know certain patterns will mix so well together.  There are definitely tricks of the trade that are foolproof in any room, and you can learn them, too.  Recognizing which patterns go well together really boils down to … read more

Paint Your Own Fresco

October 31 2010 Fresco murals have decorated homes well before 1500 BCE, says italianfrescoes.com. A fresco is really a mural painting that you put on a wall or ceiling, just like Michelangelo. Though usually applied wet-on-wet by trained masters, there are some easy ways for you to add a colorful mural to any … read more

Paint a Mural In Your Child’s Room

September 30 2010 To beat the heat this summer with some creative fun, help your child paint a mural on her walls. In six easy steps, you and your child can transform their room into a delightful storybook world, animal kingdom, or whatever they want.  Choose a theme. Your child may have favorite books, athletes, … read more

Save Time Installing Wallpaper

September 30 2010 Don’t let the size of a wallpaper job daunt you. Today’s wallpapers are easier to install than ever, especially if you have the right tools and organization.  The right tools Get your tools together first, so you don’t have to stop in the middle of the job to run to … read more