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Install a Doggie Door

September 30 2010 Once again, you’ve been held up by work. And your dog hasn’t been outside all day. By the time you get home, you and your dog are anxious, quivering wrecks. Is there a better way? Yes, you can create a portal in your back door to a small fenced patio … read more

The Importance of Mood Lighting

September 30 2010 Bright lights are great for entertaining and daily activities, but when you want the mood to be quieter, or more intimate, just turn the lights down. That’s how easily you can use lighting placement and intensity to capture the energy or quietude that you want. Here are several suggestions to … read more

Knock Rust and Dust Off Your Grill Before You Barbeque

June 30 2010 If you’re a homeowner with a gas grill, you probably are already looking forward to having your first barbeque of the season. Since most people tend not to use their grills over the winter, your grill has had time to accumulate some dust, rust, and a potential insect infestation by … read more

Buying a Barbeque Grill

June 30 2010 There are few better ways to entertain family and friends than the backyard barbeque! If you don’t have a barbeque grill yet, you can definitely join the fun by choosing the right kind of grill for your outdoor space.   To begin your search,  the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association recommends … read more

A Porch Makeover in 5 Easy Steps

June 30 2010 Beautiful sunsets, soft breezes, greeting the neighbors while you rock in your porch swing…you can enjoy all these pleasures and more from your front porch. If you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces more, maybe it’s time for a little lift. Here are five easy ways to put the focus … read more

Decorating Ideas with Plates

June 30 2010 China or pottery plates are not only fun to collect, they make beautiful displays that give individuality to your home. Whether you collect souvenir plates that reflect your travels, or you are saving your grandmother’s china pattern, or you enjoy certain styles and periods such as Majolica, your plate collection … read more

Painting for Resale in 2010

May 31 2010 Bold 80’s colors are returning, but they make a statement toward elegance and sophistication with pink and aqua to pop black, white and grey. But those may not be the best choices for sellers who want to depersonalize their homes. Today’s buyer wants tasteful, not showy hues. They don’t want … read more