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McMansion are McOver

November 30 2010 The gigantic houses funded by the no-doc loans of the late 90s and early 2000s gave new meaning to the term “embarrassment of riches.” When the housing market faded in 2006, the unsold behemoths known as McMansions (oversized houses built on undersized lots) were unpleasant reminders of massive egos and … read more

All About Asphalt Shingles

November 30 2010 Have you been thinking about new shingles for your roof? Asphalt shingling is the most common roofing choice made by consumers today, says TheRoofingContractors.com. And why not? They’re the most affordable option. Base models can last as long as 20 years given the right weather conditions, and upgrades can last even … read more

How American Homes Are Changing

November 30 2010 HUD’s annual snapshot of American housing is an important tool for researchers to learn about housing stock and households, but it also reveals a lot about housing culture.  The 2009 American Housing Survey (AHS) shows, that despite two recessions in a decade, Americans are living larger than they were 37 … read more

Emergency Plans for Your Family

October 31 2010 Do you know what to do when a disaster strikes? Do your children? You can protect your family by creating and following an emergency plan. Fires, tornadoes and earthquakes each require a separate emergency plan. You need an effective escape strategy that has every exit and route clearly mapped out, … read more

Remodeling Spending to Accelerate by 2011

October 31 2010 In January 2010, the National Association of Home Builders predicted that remodeling would pick up in the second quarter of 2010 and chart growth at a nearly 45 degree incline by the end of the year. So far, the outlook is correct. Remodeling is indeed picking up again. In May, … read more

How to Buy Used Wood Furniture

October 31 2010 Furniture is your home’s declaration of style, and nothing has the elegant look and feel of wood.  Finding the right piece of pre-owned wood furniture on a budget can be fun and rewarding, if you know what to look for – a bargain.  Generally, you get what you pay for. … read more

Does Your Insurance Cover Water Damage or Floods?

September 30 2010 Many times a distraught homeowner has had to deal with water damage or flooding only to find out that their home insurance policy does not cover the damage.  Here’s how to make certain that you are not caught in that position. Avoid water damage Proper home and appliance maintenance is … read more