Living in

Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas is a busy district of skyscrapers, urban plazas, and popular restaurants. Civic Garden stands near the center of the neighborhood, and with beautiful floral displays and an interactive fountain, it’s a great place to take a quick break. John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza commemorates the fallen President not far from Dealey Plaza, the site of his assassination. A collection of museums and landmarks appeals to lovers of culture and history, while the Convention Center provides a gathering place for event attendees of all stripes.

Life is never dull in the downtown area, which is why it’s a coveted place to live and own property. Given the dense cityscape, it should come as no surprise that most of downtown Dallas’ real estate options come in the form of high-rise condos. Residents enjoy amenities like swimming pools, rooftop common areas, floor-to-ceiling windows, and those incomparable city views.