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Flower Mound

Real Estate Flower Mound TX

Located 38 miles northwest of Dallas and 35 miles northeast of Fort Worth, on the north shore of Grapevine Lake, real estate in Flower Mound, TX is conveniently positioned for community and entertainment. The city of 70,000 people boasts a low crime rate and a family-friendly atmosphere.

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Learn About Real Estate in Flower Mound, TX

Property values are about twice as high as the state median price and even higher than the national median. Homes tend to be much larger than the national median size and 20 years younger than the average home in the county. Almost all of the homes for sale are single-family units; the pickings are slim when it comes to condos and townhouses. Flower Mound is bountiful in land listings, though. Much of the available land plots in Flower Mound are actually lakeside properties”…Much of the available land plots in Flower Mound are actually lakeside properties.”


The Flower Mound Way of Life

About 80 percent of the town’s population is married, and consequently there are lots of children in Flower Mound. The median income of most residents is much higher than the state median, a result of its extremely well-educated populace. Lots of residents use public transportation, walk or ride their bikes to work compared with the state average, but many do have much longer commute times than the rest of Texas inhabitants.


Flower Mound Highlights

Because of its college degree-toting adult population, local schools receive plenty of support, and all of its schools have received highest marks for achievement. Flower Mound, TX is also within 16 miles of two major universities, the University of North Texas and Texas Women’s University.


Buyers interested in investing in Flower Mound property can contact David Winans Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate at 972-774-9888, 817-540-2905, or 800-836-4374.

Flower Mound, TX is one of the best towns you’ve never heard of. Frommer’s set out to change that in their publication Best Places to Raise Your Family: The Top 100 Affordable Communities, naming Flower Mound the fifth best community in the nation. These rankings included a focus on real estate, assessing property values and incomes, as well as school systems and commute times.

In the “Standard of Living” category, Flower Mound, TX was considered to be the best in the country for working families. This rank was calculated by offsetting the value of the real estate in Flower Mound against the average family income, then factoring in taxes and the necessary expenses of raising children in the area. Education was also ranked very highly, as Flower Mound spends more per student than almost any town in America, and a higher percentage of their workforce is college educated than you will find in most towns.

Finding Your Perfect Flower Mound TX Real Estate

As if that weren’t enough, Flower Mound , TX also offers great water sports, proximity to exciting professional sports, and a reasonable commute to Dallas or Fort Worth for work or culture. David Winans Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate would be happy to help you find your dream home in Flower Mound. We are experts in the real estate market in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and typically have over 60,000 properties in our database that we could show you.

Let us introduce you to the best that Texas has to offer. We’ll be with you from the search through negotiation and closing. We’ll even help you find financing. To start exploring possibilities in Flower Mound real estate, give us a call at (800) 836-4374, (972) 774-9888, or (817) 540-2905 today.

If you want to purchase Flower Mound real estate, you should do it sooner rather than later. While the national average for community growth over the last 15 years is about 15 percent, Flower Mound has been growing at a rate of about 94 percent over that time, with almost 25 percent of that being in the last five years. That makes Flower Mound the fourth fastest growing community in the country!

Flower Mound is often called a powerhouse suburb because the economy is so strong. Predicted job growth is very high through at least 2010, and the cost of living ratio to the average income favors residents. The community is focused on putting its financial and human resources into growth and, if you’re moving there, you’ll find that you are given every opportunity to be an active community member.

Access to the Best Flower Mound Texas Real Estate for Sale

It’s easy to understand why you have to act fast if you want to purchase Flower Mound Texas real estate. In general, if you just drive through the city looking for “For Sale” signs or read local papers, you won’t see many (if any) of the best properties. They can only be seen if you have access to the MLS database.

David Winans Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate updates our database from the MLS daily. You’ll know within 24 hours when a property goes up for sale in Flower Mound, or any other city you like in this area of Texas. With our team working for you, you can be the first to see a hot property so you can make an offer on your dream home. You can reach us at (817) 540-2905, (972) 774-9888, or (800) 836-4374 to discuss your search.

If one of your primary interests in searching for real estate is to locate a good school district for your children to attend, consider Flower Mound, Texas. Flower Mound is part of the Lewisville Independent School District, which boasts that more than 80 percent of the district’s students continue their education after high school. Students in the district continue to do well academically, with SAT and ACT scores above the national and state averages.

If you need convenient access to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, it is located just three miles from Flower Mound. For recreation in town, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery provided by Lake Grapevine and Lake Lewisville, as well as popular golf courses and sports complexes. Since it is just 30 miles from both Dallas and Fort Worth, residents of Flower Mound can easily access everything that the large cities have to offer, too.

Buying and Selling Flower Mound Real Estate

At David Winans Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, we can provide a full range of services to families planning to relocate from Flower Mound, as well as to it. Our real estate staff will conduct a market analysis, with no obligation and at no cost, so that you can decide the best listing price for your home. While you want to get the highest possible offer for your home, you don’t want to run the risk of pricing it so high that you deter interested buyers.

There are many ways David Winans Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate can help you to search for your home. It’s easy to filter all of the listings in our database to find the home of your dreams. We also have a mortgage division that can help you with financing your purchase. To get more information about our services, call our office today at (972) 774-9888, (817) 540-2905, or (800) 836-4374.

Flower Mound Texas Real Estate

Find a home in Flower Mound Texas.

Buying real estate in Flower Mound, Texas is a smart investment, because the community is well planned and full of family-friendly activities and nearby recreation. Located about 30 miles northeast of downtown Dallas, the city was first settled back in the 1840s and has grown to a population of about 60,000. It is situated on the north shore of the popular sailing and windsurfing spot, Grapevine Lake. It is also just six miles south of Lewisville Lake. The area is served by different school districts, with many of the schools among the top rated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The University of North Texas is just 15 miles north in Denton, TX, and there are plenty of other large colleges nearby.

Things to Do
There is a wide variety of recreational offerings in Flower Mound, TX.

The TX city is especially known for its equestrian stables and trails. The Flower Mound Equestrian Center provides riding lessons for all ages and summer camps for youth.

Cycling and hiking through town and around the lake are also popular pastimes in the city.
Parker Square, at the heart of the downtown area, is a pedestrian-friendly plaza offering shopping, dining, and a park-like setting.

Buying Real Estate in Flower Mound, Texas
The city experienced astronomical growth during the 1990s, growing from 16,000 to 50,000 by the year 2000, according to U.S. Census reports. Yet since that time, city leaders have rethought the growth plan and limited the development of new housing tracts, allowing the town to grow at a much more reasonable and manageable rate. Both the median income and median home price in Flower Mound are well above the state figures, and real estate properties retain their values very well.”…Both the median income and median home price in Flower Mound are well above the state figures, and real estate properties retain their values very well..” To get a complete list of real estate available in the area and to learn how to get a mortgage loan there, contact David Winans Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate at 972-774-9888, 817-540-2905, or 800-836-4374.