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Create a Homework Haven for Your Child

November 30 2010

Hard work and dedication are keys to success, but so is having the right space to do homework. Children can truly benefit from working in a quiet haven away from distractions where they can be comfortable and productive. 

You can help your child create a homework haven. All you need is a dedicated space that can be kept clean and organized, that is large enough to hold your child’s projects, and that is out of the way of household traffic and distractions. 

Start early

It’s never too late to start good homework habits, but the earlier the better. If your child learns good homework habits as soon as he or she starts doing homework, you won’t have to reteach these skills later.

Teach by example. Your workspace at home should have the same advantages that you want for your child – a quiet, adequate, well-organized space. Keep your desk clean and organized and it sends a message to your child of efficiency.

Find a quiet corner

Homework space needs to be quiet, tucked away from televisions, phones, and other distractions. Education.com suggests renovating a closet or building a nook into a place where your child can escape from noise and maintain focus. Simply remove the old contents and set up your new space within.

If space is at a premium or a closet can’t be sacrificed, loft beds are “out of the way,” while offering a cool college vibe, says wisegeek.com. Loft beds can be found through most furniture stores.

You can also redirect traffic around the home to accommodate “homework time.” Coordinate your bill-paying, reading or other non-distracting activities with homework time.

Clean and organized

According to Dr. Donald Wetmore’s TimeMeter.com, working on an unorganized desk leads to a productivity loss of 1.5 hours per every eight hours, or almost 20% of working time wasted. Young children may not know where an assignment is if it’s buried under other homework, and may miss turning in an important project. They’ll also waste precious time if they can’t keep one project separated from the next.

To organize your child’s desk, make sure everything has its own place to go; homework papers need to go into a filing system for storage or easy retrieval for later study, craft materials like glue, scissors, etc. need their own cabinet, drawer or bin, and pencils, pens and paper need to be easily accessible and well-stocked at all times.

Put what’s most important within the easiest reach, recommends www.Productivity501.com. That means your child should be able to instantly grab what he or she uses most often.

Scholastic.com says your child’s homework haven needs to be large enough to spread out for projects and book reports while also being at a good height for comfortable studying. Good seating will come in handy; a chair with adjustable height can keep your child studying without worry. If their feet don’t touch the ground- a footstool will keep them concentrating.

Studying is an important skill to develop. A space of his or her own can be a wonderful way to help your child.