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Sell Your Home With Strategically Placed Artwork

May 31 2008

Taste in art is incredibly subjective. If your home even slightly resembles a museum, consider that one person’s treasure can be another’s trash. When getting ready to sell your home, it’s important to keep the artwork simple so you can get the best selling price. 

Before listing your property, consider having a candid chat with your Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate sales associate, or a close friend. Both can give you a better sense of pieces destined for the Guggenheim, and those better suited for the basement. Remember, it’s the walls that are for sale, not what’s on them.

Art in your home

Remove extra pieces

Overcrowded walls can make a room feel smaller. Many people cluster together family photos and art in groups—a design strategy that sings in some spaces and sinks in others. Take a critical look at the pieces in each room and consider if they add or subtract from the overall buying potential of the home.


Children typically have posters in their rooms of their favorite bands, artists or sports heroes. It’s a good idea to limit the amount of posters on children’s walls to give potential buyers a better sense of the room’s possibilities. You want to emphasize the versatility of each space. No matter how difficult (for you or your child), it’s also a good idea to remove any stickers and adhesives on the bedroom doors.

Family photos

People like to see who is living in the home–but only to an extent. Take a look in each room through the eyes of a stranger. Are the pictures from last summer’s sojourn in the Grand Canyon a little much?

Valuable art collections

In most cases, art is a phenomenal investment. During any open house, make sure your best pieces are featured prominently. Valuable artwork can lend an air of prestige to a home, and be a great point for discussion amongst potential buyers.

Using art to create a mood

Art sets the mood for a home. Landscapes, black and white photography, sculptures, and other tasteful pieces do wonders, but try to avoid leaving out anything that’s overtly religious, sexual or controversial. Pieces of that nature can detract from the overall feel of your home and give potential buyers a reason to keep looking.