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Wear Protective Clothing When Using Lawn Power Tools

May 31 2010

Ah, the fresh smell of cut grass in the summer! As you head outdoors to cut, trim, and tend your lawn, you may be thinking of wearing lightweight clothes as you work in the sun, but if you’re planning to use power tools, you should consider what not to wear.

Protective eyeglasses, not sunglasses

Mowers and weed-eaters can kick up dust, debris, and sticks that can quickly become missiles that can hurt your eyes.  You may think you’re protected with sunglasses, but they could shatter on impact. Instead, buy protective eyewear at any local hardware or lawn and garden store. ERB, Inc. has a pair of clear plastic glasses for under $5 with side walls, which are sure to protect your eyes from all angles.

Ear protection, not earbuds

According to asha.org, a lawnmower can produce 90 decibels of eardrum shattering noise which will result in long term hearing loss. So you’ll then want sound-cancelling headphones to protect your ears.  Sony makes an ear-cupping headphone, the MDR NC7, which you can plug into most MP3 or listening devices that is available at $26 new. If you’re more serious, go with gear shooters use at gun ranges- headphones like the Peltor H10A with a CSA approved 29 dB reduction, according to amazon.com, can be found as low as $19.99 online.

Work gloves, not garden gloves

Next you’ll want to wear some work gloves, these will protect the skin on your hands in many circumstances from picking up and moving debris to preventing palm blisters from pushing or holding your equipment. Wolverine makes a great pair of leather gloves that are comfortable and affordable, costing as little as $10.

Work pants, not shorts

Work jeans, pants or overalls that you’re not worried about messing up are essential for lawn work. With debris like pebbles, twigs, or even blades of grass being chucked at you from a trimmer spinning at 9500 rpm, you’ll be glad you’re protecting your skin from being pelted with dirt and sticks.

Work boots, not flipflops

Lastly, you’ll want to wear a good pair of working boots, preferably steel toe. Though they may be heavy and take away some of your agility, a good pair of steel toe boots will prevent you from suffering serious injuries to your feet. There are documented cases of people slipping and injuring their feet under whirling motor blades. Target.com sells a $27.99 steel toe boot by Mack Farley that will help you keep your balance and live another day to wiggle all your toes.

Protect yourself with the right gear, and you’ll find that yardwork goes faster and easier.