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Austin, Texas is known for its sizzling nightlife in the clubs and music venues along Sixth Street. The South by Southwest music and film festival descends on the city each year, making it the center for what’s new in popular culture. Even the reality TV series, The Pickup Artist, chose Austin as its venue.

You’ll also find that the University of Texas at Austin has a strong influence on the arts, through the Departments of Radio-Television-Film, Music, and Theatre.

Many graduates of the University of Texas at Austin choose to stay in the city upon graduation, contributing to Austin’s standing as one of the most literate cities in the country. While the university continues to be the largest employer in the area, other major companies located in Austin include Dell, Samsung, Apple Computers, and Intel. There is also a strong culture of independent and local businesses supported by the proud residents of Austin.

Arts and Culture in Austin

Those searching for arts and culture in Austin won’t be disappointed. Contemporary art is showcased by the Arthouse and the Austin Museum of Art. If you are looking for a variety of ethnic restaurants you’ll find delicious French, Mexican, and Latin cuisine prominently featured in Austin.

If you’re tempted to relocate to the city to experience everything that Austin has to offer, contact us at David Winans Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate. Our Realtors® can help find the perfect home for you, and provide you with immediate email updates whenever a new listing meets your criteria. In addition, we can arrange for a mortgage for you through the Texas Loan Center, providing you with everything you need to find and purchase a new home in Austin.

With the interest rates across the country rising over the past few years, the housing market has started to cool off. If you are in a position to purchase real estate as an investment, you may want to consider buying a property in Austin, Texas. The city continues to attract a diverse population, including many artists and students.

Austin is home to many workers in the technology industry, as many companies are located in the area. Unlike Silicon Valley in California, however, where real estate prices have skyrocketed, real estate prices in Austin are considerably lower. In comparison to parts of rural Texas, however, prices in Austin are higher.

Premier Services in Austin Real Estate

Ultimately, you may decide that you want to relocate from your home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to Austin to enjoy the youthful and hip atmosphere. When you’re ready to sell your home, contact us at David Winans Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate. We offer all of our clients our premier service, promising to deliver the advice and expertise that you’ll want on your side throughout the sales process.

We can provide you with a realistic analysis of the current housing market so that you know what to expect. While you are searching for a new home in the Austin area, we’ll work to get you the best possible price for your real estate in Dallas. In addition, our REALTORS® will be with you through the closing process, offering their support and advice about fixed and variable rate mortgages, lengths of terms, and down payments during this stressful period.

More families are considering buying real estate where their children attend college. Rather than giving their children money to pay rent, they can help their children build equity by owning real estate. If your child has decided to go to school around Austin, Texas, you may find yourself looking at some of the new homes or condos in the area.

In addition to being home to the University of Texas at Austin, the capitol of Texas is also home to a growing arts community–especially live music. If you stroll down Sixth Street in Austin, you’ll find many performance venues and breaking bands playing. As it seems the city will continue to grow, helping your child purchase a home can be a wise real estate investment.

Relocating from Austin Texas

If you decided that you want to move to a larger city in Texas after some time, you may want to relocate from Austin to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. While Austin offers many entertainment options and a very hip and younger vibe, there are many reasons that you may eventually decide to relocate. Maybe you’ve found employment in the metroplex, your children have decided to relocate, or you simply prefer a larger city.

Whatever your reason for moving from Austin to the Dallas area, David Winans Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate can assist you in finding the perfect new home. We provide all of our clients with our premier service, assisting them in every aspect of the home purchase process–including closing a mortgage. In addition, we can provide you with daily updates with new home listings in the area, giving you the jump on other potential home buyers.

In Austin, Texas, you can find real estate with distinctive character in many different areas. Those who like urban environments may want to live in the heart of downtown Austin. If you prefer a more suburban setting, you can find a considerable amount of desirable real estate available in West Lake Hills and Rollingwood.

You can also find vastly differing neighborhoods and enclaves around the Dallas-Fort Worth area in northern Texas. The metroplex is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, and many different cultures and socio-economic groups have developed active communities. If you want to raise your family away from the hubbub of the city, you can find real estate options in growing communities like Plano, Denton, and Garland.

Selling Austin Texas Real Estate

Your job may require you to relocate from Austin, Texas to the Dallas Forth Worth area. While many technology companies have locations in the Austin area, the metroplex is considerably larger and is consequently home to many more large businesses. You may find a job opportunity in Dallas or Fort Worth that you simply could not come across in Austin, Texas.

When you are ready to sell your real estate in Austin, consider working with us at David Winans Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate. We develop the most comprehensive and customized packages for each client to advertise his home effectively and get the best price. In addition, you can work with our mortgage division, the Texas Loan Center, to secure a loan for your new home.